Cancellations & Refunds

Piece of Game - Cancellation & Refunds Policy

By Piece of Game Sep, 2018

Welcome to Piece of Game Registrations. The Piece of Game platform provides a simple means for Organizers to model, plan, orchestrate and facilitate athletic and fitness events. The Piece of Game Registrations system is a part of that platform with the sole purpose of enabling Organizers to charge fees for their events.

The following pages contain our terms of service specifically regarding Cancellations & Refunds. The full terms and conditions of this Site are fully described in our Terms of Service page and are replicated here for your own convenience.


Piece of Game only acts as an agent between the Organizer (as defined in Terms of Services) and the Buyer (as defined in Terms of Services) by exclusively selling registrations on behalf of the Organizer to the Buyer. 'Event Registrations' is considered virtual merchandise and not subject to shipment & shipment return policies.

Cancellations & Refund Policy

By creating an event in Piece of Game (PoG) platform, the Organizer has the responsibility to communicate its refund and/or cancellation policy to Buyers and to decide if it will issue, or not, refunds to Buyers. If a Buyer desires to request a refund he shall do so by contacting the applicable Organizer directly. The Organizer has the sole responsibility to examine his/her request according to its policy.

All communications and disputes regarding chargebacks and refunds are only between the Organizer and Buyer: Piece of Game will not be responsible or liable in any way for refunds, errors in issuing refund, or chargebacks in connection with the use of Services.

If you are a Buyer and you wish to request a refund in connection with an event listed on Piece of Game , you should contact the applicable Organizer directly.